About Us

We're a family

Once you get to know NAA Kids Club, you will quickly realize we’re a family.

The staff works long hours, the volunteers are from all walks of life, management is constantly creating new opportunities at the drop of a hat, and vendors work without delay to make things happen, often on a volunteer basis. 

Whether you chose to volunteer your time or provide financial assistance, the benefit to the kids will be long lasting. There is nothing better than investing in the life of a child.



The 35 years of executive experience by the founder provides the professionalism needed to make an organization run efficiently  ensuring that all the benefits reach those in need.



Our only focus is the kids. We don’t cut through red tape because we have no red tape. We work directly with volunteers and donors connecting people quickly and with ease. 



NAA Kids Club is no-nonsense. Our 15 hour days are spent getting things done. Unlike government programs, we get resources to kids immediately.  

“Fulfilling the greatest need.”


We believe that service is paramount and helping kids is the best way to give back. 

The world is changing quickly and it can be a herculean effort for many to keep up.  Whether it be a family that just needs temporary assistance in getting over a rough spot or children in need of serious help, we are prepared to act due to the generous nature of our  volunteers and donors. 

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Get started by getting to know us. 

Our foundations headquarters is located in Los Angeles California with affiliate locations throughout the USA. Additional offices around the globe.

Lets help the kids together.

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